Curiosity and Inquiry to Build Reading Habit

Abdul Stattar Edhi is well known personality. He was philanthropist, ascetic and humanitarian. He was very curious to achieve his mission and their curiosity and inquiry helped him to achieve goals. He said in bibliography “I would inquire about the condition and problems of poor settlers and I would roam the street looking for handicapped and destitute persons.” I think curiosity and inquiry have significant role to take action and achieving goals. It makes the ways to achieving the target.

I am much curious to make better reading habit. Because I want to become journalist and educationist, for both field reading habit is important. I started journey at the principle of curiosity and inquiry. I wanted to know in what way I can improve reading habit and maintain it. For this purpose I met a teachers and friends and asked them. So, I sought out better suggestion is that just start at small level, read two and three pages of a one or two books then gradually increase this timing. But I still have problems of concentration and getting a theme of content. I will have to further inquiry to get information from teachers, students, friends and librarian to maintain this habit, increase timing of reading habit from two and three pages and to get theme of content.

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