Informational Interview

In this world, someone can’t live alone. We need to have some relationships to live a happy life and need to be connected with this network of people. This network can be helpful to you, but it depends on you that how you manage it. The stronger you are connected with the people, the better way they can help you. Everyone needs guidance at some stage of life, so that is the right time to utilize your network.

I am about to graduate as a chemical engineer and looking for a job. So, I needed some guidance. In this regard, I contacted Arif-Ullah who is shift incharge in production department in Fatima Fertilizers SDK. He is working there since 5 years. He is graduated from Punjab University in chemical engineering. I asked following questions from him.

1. What is your designation in company?

2. Why you joined that organization?

3. What do you like most about the company?

4. What is the current status/position of your organization worldwide?

5. Describe the toughest situation you faced in the job.

6. How will you define the culture of your organization?

7. Tell me about the environment there.

8. What type of problems you have to face to adjust yourself according to the environment?

9. What type of trainings they provide to their trainee engineers?

10. How to get a job there?

11. What type of skills they require?

12. How can I develop these skills?

13. What type of career opportunities they provide?

14. Any advice for me.

It was a good learning experience. He gave me clear answers and briefly discussed the organization environment. What I learned is that we all have our short networks. We can use this network for our betterment. We can contact them and discuss our problems and ideas with them and also take some advices to resolve the matters. But the problem is that we don’t even use the relations. We have parents, our friends, relative, seniors, teachers and many others. But we just hesitate to talk with them and our problem always remains a problem. If we do a little effort and try to engage with these people, they are surely guiding stars for us.

He advised me to not be dependent on others and just try to be better than before. Don’t believe on the rumors that job needs “sifarish”. Yes, there may be some cases but that are rare. Even if such sort of problems exists, you have been given a power “to try again”. At the end he wished me best for luck and hard work.

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