Learn, how to learn

Wisdom comes through learning. Some said that “Be a seeker of wisdom not a vessel of information”. The only way to do that is to do something new and different every day. But to be a good learner, we have to understand how we can be a good learner. Whatever we are or whatever we think is all due to our mind. So, if we could understand how our mind works, we can learn better and fast. There are two types of thinking modes: focused and diffused. Focused mode is learning the things we already know while diffused mode is looking at a bigger picture and learning new things. We have hybrid system of these two. Our mind works in both ways. Making analogies is a best way of learning. Learning new things gives us a exposure, we become mature and experienced. The more we think, the better we can think. So, utilizing the mind in a better way is key to activate the mind. Thinking is a food for mind. Every day we should give some tasks of thinking to our mind. We are nothing without our thinking.

I feel bored of doing the same things every day but that is an indicator that something new and different should be done. New things are always appealing and attractive but it depends on our mind that how we proceed. I always wanted to learn new things, to do new things, to do things in a different way, to look at the things with a different angle. But learning new things is not an easy task. We have to be persistent in our activities. I face challenges in learning new things. First one is focus. It is very difficult to be focus on a single thing for a long time. Second one is consistency.

When we see new things or learn something different, neurons are activated and help us in learning. When there is a problem, there is a solution. To overcome the problems in learning new things we should take breaks during learning. It increases the efficiency of mind. We should do exercises to be healthy and fit and it will increase the activity of mind. Every day new neurons are generated to learn new things, but if we don’t use them, they die. We should make a to-do list, in this way we can remain more focused on how we do rather than what we do. We should never be afraid of trying new things no matter they are easy or difficult. We should be excited to learn. Moreover, we can use different techniques like procrastination and making analogies. If we apply these things in our life, we can be a good learner.

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