Learning about abilities from your friends

Someone said that” Hangout with the people smarter than you, you’ll see the difference”. Man has one thing common that is “observation”, but approach is different. Everybody learns from his experiences, but the intelligent people learn from their own experiences and also take advantage of others.

So, to make myself better, I conducted a survey that what other people think about me. It was a good learning experience to know about my skills. I prepared a questionnaire and got it solved from my friends, teachers, relatives, students. The experience was good. I came to know to know that how people know me in a better way. According to the results I ‘m very hardworking and a source of inspiration for others. My teachers quoted me as a brilliant, respecting and supportive student. My friends also have a good experience with me. They pointed out that although I have a very short friends circle but it has a value. I am a committed person and honest with my work and perform the tasks with passion. I am a responsible person; I realize my own responsibilities and can do anything to fulfill them. My friends fine me supportive; I helped them in exams and other educational activities.

My students call me as their mentor and a source of motivation for them. My attitude towards students remains positive. I encourage them to speak, participate and ask questions in the class. They find me as a facilitator and a teacher who always encourages the students. My lessons are clear to them and lectures are totally relevant. I respect my students individually and care about them. I always come prepared for class and enthusiastic about teaching.

I am never jealous of others and always do the things which I love to do. The things which surprised me are that I have good managerial skills and I seem to be a calm person who never gets angry easily. I always meet the people with a smile on face and give better wishes to them. I admit my mistakes and try to resolve it rather than just saying “sorry”. I always behave well and polite in my attitude.