Outdoor session with AMAL Fellows

Enjoyment is an incredible energizer to the human spirit. True enjoyment comes from the activity of mind and exercise of the body. We had a lot of mind activities, but to have a true enjoyment, Amal gave us opportunity to go outside and have some exercise. Everyone remains in his/ daily life. We people forget that enjoyment is also a part of life. We no longer sing and dance and even don’t know how to do that. Instead we watch other people sing and dance on the television screen. I was tired of my busy life: exams, study, assignments, and projects. I was tired of my habits, my routine work and same working style. Amal sessions were like energizer for me. But for outdoor session we selected “ Rana Resort”.

I had my last paper on Monday so I decided to skip that tour. But on Sunday morning I decided to not miss this chance and to go with fellows. I called Mr. Akram and informed him that I am coming. We reached there and left for our destination at 8 am. During our journey, we enjoyed a lot by a singing competition. The competition was tough so ended with no results. After that every fellow have to sing a song and then nominate the next member. I was busy in discussion with my Program Manager, and then suddenly some fellows came and pushed me forcibly to the “stage”. I sang a song and we enjoyed it a lot. Keeping the same momentum, we reached there.

We started enjoying by beautiful greenery, birds, trees, flowers and a “tunnel” where temperature was 5 degree lower than normal temperature. Everyone was busy in making “selfies”, gossips, adventure and making fun with other fellows. Then we tasted “gol gappa” there. Some members amused themselves by “boating”. It was really nice to see them doing that. After so much walk and talk, we had a lunch at an restaurant there and biryani was tasty and delicious. After that our Program Manager showed his talent of parody of all the fellows and also Amal team members. We really enjoyed that and then we left for “ Behria Town” after having a ride on train.

Coming back, fellows showed their talent of dancing in bus. We reached Behria Town and visited the beautiful mosque there. At the end we enjoyed “mango shake” at KFC . At the end we shared our experiences about tour and after saying good bye to everyone we left for our hoses. The journey was simply amazing and never had such a wonderful experience before. Such an amazing entertainment was only possible by efforts of “Akram” and “Younas”. They managed the tour properly.

I learned “aik or aik giara”, enjoying the life with friends. Don’t miss these opportunities to enjoy some time with beloved ones. World has natural beauty and we miss these due to our business. We should manage a balance b/w work and enjoyment. Enjoyment gives some energy which boosts up the performance. I will never forget that amazing experience.

Thank you AMAL…

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