Why we got independence?

It’s a debatable statement from anyone in Pakistan that I am living in Pakistan and shows patriotic behavior. We are always on front line whenever we have a chance to have a debate about India. I really appreciate their this type of patriotic behavior. Sometime I feel lucky that I am a part of this loving nation who are ready to die for this country.

We all can agree on this point that we are always ready to fight any other country who tries to fight with us on any level. We can not agree on our fight about internal enemies. We are always dual minded on internal issues.

we still fight against each other on political issues. People, who don’t have access to media or not eligible to do an analysis about the situations of our country, are not responsible for anything that happens around us due to combine action of the rest people.

Going back in history, It has been passed 69 years since we got freedom from Hindu and English people but we are still not matured. We never focused on things that we might have in case of slavery.

If we were not freed from Hindu and English people, We might be the citizens of 4th stage after Dalat, Sikh and Christians. We might not get freedom for offering Islamic traits.

We might be the victims of state terrorism. If wanted to do trade, we might were burned like traders of Hyderabad.

If anyone tries to do politics, he might be burned like Ehsan jafri who was burned in Gujarat along with his daughters on 28 February 2002.

We might be killed like muslims of Gujarat. At least 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, died in Gujarat in 2002 in violence.

Once I was discussing the Kashmir issue with my Maternal grandfather. I asked him, “What could be your situation, if you couldn’t get freedom?” He said, “Then we could be like Kashmir's. You don’t know what they actually are facing. You are just seeing them on news channels. But I knew how it seems to get freedom. I pray they get freedom and live a peaceful life because I knew the pain of struggle of independence.” That answer was enough for me.

We really got Pakistan due the sacrifices and struggle of our ancestors and we should always obliged to them.

It is a painful fact that we are not being obliged to their sacrifices. Even education is not giving us to differentiate between right and wrong. We still support people irrespective of their bad image and corrupt nature. Education gives us a sense of awareness. Our sense of responsibility is not good any more.

We need to gather against all those who are against the development of our country. We all have to follow the right path irrespective of any party. We all have to stand for our rights, for our nation.

We have to make this country a true Islamic state, the Quaid’s state and we will. InshAllah

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