Mentorship and humility

Every person has someone in life who has accompanied him or who has been a mentor for him. Someone who helps him to grow and to face the challenges. It may be a person from his or her family, someone friend or a person in your profession. This person is a mentor for you. He knows you the best.

Mr.Liaqat is my mentor. He is 60 year old and experienced person in the field of Material Casting in our Department. Mr.Liaqat is a person who always tries to teach me something new and I always picked his points and learn a lot to improve my skills practically. He always says “Keep yourself suited booted its good but as an engineer your manager will want only one thing which is CAN YOU DO THIS WORK?”. He always pointed out my mistakes in a very interesting and decent ways to make correct.Sometimes when he realizes that he can’t teach me something new in such a way in which he wants them he ask me to analyze and find out the point about why he did so.

A mentor have different ways to make you face the challenges in the near future. I always learnt even from his anger. And here comes humility. Its important to learn something new. You have to bear everything to learn.Humility is that when you realize that you can’t do it alone then you have to put yourself before a mentor which may guide you and develop your confidence to do. But for this fruit from your Master and mentor you have to be respectfull to him.

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