khudi and self learning

Edhi sahib is biggest inspirational personality of not just for Pakistani people but also for whole world especially for people who work for humanity.

I remember when i was in 5th class i learnt about Abdul Sattar Edhi sahib and his work for humanity , in that time i promised my self that i want to know more about Edhi sahib

and with the passage of time i saw his work by watching TV but i did not get a chance to read his autobiography but when i read it, i realized that Edhi sahib struggled a lot from his childhood to teenager life to know himself and trying to know himself by different incidents. I learned from his autobiography that the incidents which happened in your life, relate them to choose a future . Like his grandfather did not like surplus in anything and his mother also she gave every thing that was extra like rashan,money to needy people and his father did like to debate on religion so these people very helpful in setting rules of life for Edhi sahib that he did work for needy people without knowing the cast and religion of people and did not save money for himself like his mother and grant father.the turning point of Edhi sahib when he found a some person on road who was wounded and had a high fever , he helped him by giving food and first aid at least for 21 days and while doing this he learnt him about humanity,charity and true meaning of Islam .He inspired him a lot and Edhi sahib considered him as first teacher so Edhi sahib learned through action that if you helped somebody without making discrimination it is a “humanity’ and serve for his whole life for humanity.And why he choose first to made biggest ambulance service of Pakistan , firstly when his 13 years old sister died without having treatment and so first aid treatment given to man as i mentioned earlier and his sister story encouraged him to do work in providing first aid because first aid make a difference in life or death so he became first largest ambulance service. so i learned from these incidents that always seeing your surrounding,s need and work for others, not for yourself.

self learning and just start

Revolutionary changes in education system of Pakistan

As i already mentioned that as Edhi sahib learned us that always work according to needs of people not only for yourself ,this inspired me a lot so the things which disturbed me a lot in recent past that how i can do this and that so after reading Edhi sahib autobiography i gain courage to start work on education system reforms which are necessary in our society .

i want to overcome the hurdles which disturbing me a lot to initiate this project so by just start project i can overcome these hurdles. I want to achieve this because in recent past one incident compel me to do this and the incident was one day my teacher who was my inspiration was talking with his colleague on mobile in which he said that two classes manged you and three by myself in whole semester so in this way students and management would not complain about the absence from class so i realized teachers only come in class that no body object them why he was absent, that,s all ,they don,t realize that what they can do or not in a student life so this is turning point of my life and that day i decided i will bring changes in our education system . From that day i started questioning regarding on this issue with my teachers in class and i was amazed that when my results come like i got GPA in 8th semester 3.85 and in 9th i got 3.83 and previously i got in 3.9 in almost all semesters ,means teachers deduct my extra marks by this which create more stress on me but i did not stop my self i start internships and joined workshops my self so that i gain experience and taught my students in future.

First of all i want to say that in initial step i send text to all my friends and colleagues almost around about to 60 people in which i asked that what do you think what are the drawbacks in teaching methodology in Pakistan and how can we overcome these drawbacks but i was shocked when i received out of 60 only 4 reply yes it,s only 4 so first of all the reason which i found behind this that we only want to take one paper which is degree nothing else .we don,t know how to raise our voice against injustice we do things like doing animals sorry to say but it,s true .we don,t know our strengths. But my future steps are that i will conduct workshops especially at government sector in which my goal will be that i realized them about their responsibilities in teaching and how to conduct classes with practical work and also want to remove the concept of just focusing on theory. and also conduct workshops for students in which firstly i will realize them that make your voice against injustice , don,t fright by anybody instead Allah.

I am very hopeful that In Sha Allah by grace of Allah and by the people who motivating me i will achieve this goal.

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