My thoughts on the plight of Labour
Owen Jones

A pertinent question would be: why don’t you pick a side and stick to it?

I don’t believe any Corbyn supporter for a second has argued he is above reproach. Claiming you are shot down for your ‘honest’ opinions rings a tad disingenuous when you have notable media figures including Gary Younge, Rachel Shabi, Paul Mason and Len McCluskey publicly critiqing Corbyn in their articles and media appearances. Yet these same people have not invited the same wave of disapproval from progressives/Corbynistas that you have.

It’s because they know who is trying to sabotage the Labour Party. Their criticisms are couched in the understanding that many of these problems can be alleviated if the right in the labour party would desist wreaking havoc over their intense dislike of the project Corbyn is trying to implement.

So if you want to be useful, why don’t you do something to challenge the right in the PLP instead of pandering to their designs?