Being a “Black Racist Superstar” Is Not Fun, However, Being a “Superstar” Isn’t All That Bad
Ezinne Ukoha

I always read your shit. That being said..I learn, agree and appreciate you. You are pretty hardcore at times and that’s acceptable that makes you If some see you as a racist then they don’t know what racism is. There is a mental disconnect, maybe they should check their Neanderthal genes, but some of the things that are acceptable to many whites — I just can’t comprehend it like ..the juror who spoke as to why Philando Castile’s girlfriend wasn’t a credible witness said..because she couldn’t remember which pocket he was reaching his hand into for his i.d. And so the murdering of innocent blacks continues…They also tend to hate O.J. — even though serial killer Glen Rogers confessed to murdering Nicole and Ron. His family made a documentary movie. It just won’t end, I think many just ‘ love to hate ’ and as long as they are called out on their hatred/racism they will react negatively by turning it back onto the victims, instead of correcting themselves and America.

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