The Differentiating Line between the UI and UX

“UI Design = Visual Design + Interaction Design”

Visual design is the look and feel of the site; the personality of the brand. Interaction design is the way people interact with a website/application. When someone clicks a button on the site, the noticeable changes so that the users know that they have been successful.

A UX designer is likely to design the user flows. What are the steps the users will follow to introduce a change in the website/application and how will they know if they have been successful.

The design is then passed off to the UI designer. The UI designer will redefine those interactions by adding color and emphasis to the original design that will gives the users some clues needed to successfully navigate the processes on website/application.

“UX Makes Interfaces Useful
UI Makes Interfaces Beautiful”

After testing prototypes (mock application), the necessary changes are made and make the application pleasing. This includes choosing a color scheme, typography, fonts that will be attractive and simple to use.

“UX Helps Users Accomplish Goals
UI Makes Emotional Connections”

Every time the purpose for using an application/website will be different. It may be a person searching for a home or a Tax Payer (Ouch!!) Both are different processes. One gives pleasure while interacting on the website/application, while the latter is a kind of burden to operate. But the idea of UX is that ‘the user must feel the lithe in operating any kind of interfaces’. He/she must not feel weighted to use any themed interface. It must be light and easy to understand for any user type.

“UX Design Is Done First
UI Design Is Done Second”

This depends on:

· Who is handling the UX and UI Designs?

· Is it the same person or a different person or team?

“UX Is Employed Across Products, Interfaces and Services
UI Only Pertains To Interfaces”

UI is, well, only for the interfaces while UX can associate to any product, the experience the users have while using that product. But since we are talking here about only computers and humans, we concern it to only interface experience.


It’s almost impossible to extricate the UX from UI or the UI from the UX. However, if we were to try, we might conclude that:

  • UX design helps users accomplish meaningful tasks across platforms and services.
  • UI design makes compelling and aesthetically pleasing interfaces that connect with humans.
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