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The Only African Tribe That Sleeps With Their Dead Relative Before They’re Buried

As you all know, Africa is a content and with all the 52 countries in it, we have a country in the Eastern part of Africa named Kenya.

(Luos In Their Traditional Attires)

Kenya has 46 tribes and so within this tribes, we find the LUO tribe who belong to the nilotes who mostly reside in the lake side of Kenya,Lake Victoria.

Sleeping With the Dead?

Just like any other traditions, Luos have their own burial tradition where if one of the two couples dies, the remaining one must sleep with him or her a day before their burial.

To most people would be so confused on what this means and so i will put it out easy for you. When a husband dies in the city and he’s taken to the mortuary before being taken to the village to be bu buried , he’s taken back to where he used to stay while in the city where he is to spend one night after which he is later taken to the village.

A day to the burial of the deceased, the wife of the deceased has to sleep on the same room with the coffin of her late husband as this is considered a goodbye send off for the deceased.

Failure to do this, Luos believe that it will bring bad luck to your family and is a sign of bad omen with several stories of people who failed to do this revealing that they were haunted by their loved ones at night.

(Luos Traditional Huts)

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