Amal & Sabr-e-Jameel

In the biography of Abdul Sattar Edhi written by Tehmina Durani, she has quoted Mr. Sattar’s personal and professional life,his family and their religious history, his parents their character and approach towards humanity,social life and religion. While reading this one assumes that he is listening the magical words from Edhi Sb’s directly as the writer has wonderfully transcribed it from a 40 hours interview.

Mr. Sattar said At the mosque we read the Quran in Arabic without translation. My father will say about maulanas, “They want to maintain the tight grip on authority, bind the people to there superior knowledge, keep them ill informed or misinformed, so that they will never gain independence in their faith. They frighten and confuse them commit them to Islam but shackle them to themselves.”

Mr. Edhi mentioned that when they went to madrassah they learn Quran without knowing its meaning. So his father said these maulanas will never tell all things about Islam because they want that you must be dependent on them. They want to be superior in knowledge this do not want to know if people are doing write or wrong. Edhi sb mentioned that his mother was not religious. She has not received formal education, and did not know how to pray. “she will tell me not to doubt God’s understanding of his hope people, she says that empty words and long praises do not impress Him. Show him your faith by deeds, otherwise why he should believe you?”

I related that part to me because my father was working in army and we live in different cantt areas. when ever we move to another city we have to go to some new mosque to learn Quran. Every maulana has his own different view so they confuse me a lot.

Abstract from the book

The “Just start” Activity I worked out is also under the influence of Amal and Sabr-e-Jameel. Then i talk to my father about this thing that every time when we go to new maulana he has his own concept like someone is Sunni and may be next is Wahabi. So both have different concept they can confuse me with Islam. My father told me that “Son do what you think is right do your own little bit research on that”. And he told me “be patience never discuss about Islam with ignorant”. so whenever and where we sit where Islam discussion is going i will be patience. only words can not do any thing but you have to implement those words on to you then your have a right to talk about that. Now in friends we had made a rule that no one can talk about Islam until they had a good study about Islam

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