How can one be stupid and smart at the same time?

It’s the way we look at things, the way we want to use them and the way we get the best out of them.

What are these “things” ? — once upon a time there lived a girl who was hardworking,nice and emotional. She felt for every other person she lived with and tried her level best to help all those people around in trouble. She never thought about herself (selfless) her future, her needs and her benefits of being helpful! Hmm being helpful is beneficial? Sometimes yes if you know how to emotionally blackmail people,like — how much you helped them and how they had to return the favor back!!! Seriously this can work if you add some spice to the issue and cook some stories to make it more difficult so that the person who doesn’t want to help or return your favor is compelled to do all that you want! So easy — I mean it’s crazy to have a person work for you with all those words which can hit deep into his/her heart and make it heavy to hold that favor. And he/she feels and decides to return the same (favor)instead of holding a heavy heart for long.

So it’s easy to use “words” and make someone work for you and it’s called “smart working” nope…. It’s total “stupidity” to emotionally blackmail someone with words and take advantage of his/her goodness.

But while I call this stupidity not everyone agree with me because mostly people believe in using ones ability to work so that they can relax and do nothing.. haaa!! How does this work? And how long does this work?, not for long according to my observation. People start understanding they’re used by these stupid someone who think they are smart.

My point here is — work for yourself, take care of your basic needs,try and help the needy while you save some amount for your future. Is this so difficult? Quite simple isn’t it? Then why do people hurt each other just for few favors and then for few words which are hurtful you can’t be a use and throw kind you know!.It’s always better to choose the right path which leads to heaven,than ending up to live in a hell. Regrets have no value after all the drama that we created in the past. So be smart and not stupid to make yourself a better person. Set examples for the future generation.

Make things clear — helping someone is good, used by someone in the name of favor is stupid..

Work is worship but remember you don’t want to worship a stupid and lazy person. Think smart and work smart it’s not impossible but little efforts,a little honesty and a little value for yourself will always lead you towards the right path.

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