My husband is my best friend

Dear husband,

It’s been 12+6years of journey with you 12 years after marriage & 6years before marriage. Each and every day so far was different despite of all the ups and downs on the way. You made it easier to walk those tough times.I feel so special & lucky to have a husband like you… your kind heart is what I love the most.

I couldn’t take my eyes off from you when you were taking care of our little ones just like a mother,I couldn’t believe myself when you cared for my parents as if they are your own !!

I stood still watching you at work treating all those staff members like your own family, You never expect anything from anyone. Giving away every good thing you have, to every one around you is so easy for you…. The way you find solutions for the problems your loved ones face is amazing. That gifted smile you maintain makes you more handsome. I will treasure those gifts you brought for me from different parts of the world. Though I feel I missed you & wanted to be there with you wherever you went. Those gifts mean a lot since you missed me too when you were away from home . The strength you give me when I feel weak facing the tough times in life is simply superb. Your sense of humor makes me forget my worries. Giving priority to my worries and sometimes making them vanish like a magician is definitely very special.

It’s been so many years and I forgot to mention the above things. I really mean these words and apologies for not mentioning these things for so long. I know you don’t expect me to say these things but I really wanted to tell you how much I love you.

There have been days I might have neglected you, there might be few mistakes I made and never told you how much I regretted for hurting you. There might be days where in I was difficult, different from others but you still managed those days!!!

Taking out time to say thank you now. I am short of words what more can I say so just be the way you are & make me feel blessed alway…

Have I told you yet how much you mean to me…..

Have I told you yet about all the happiness you bring …!

Have I told you yet that you mean the world to me…..

Just in case I haven’t I want you to know that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me !!

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