What happens when we start loving ourselves more than others?? Here’s something interesting about being a

married woman with kids has to hear if she’s pampering herself…… (pampering = buying new clothes,hanging out with friends,exercising to look fit etc) people including family members comment about this creature on earth, “she’s always busy with friends,she’s not worried about kids grades at school,she’s so careless that she prefers exercising instead of cooking!!she’s such a spendthrift buys new clothes again & again when she’s just a house wife “🙄I mean excuse me there’s this inner voice of this woman wants to loudly say “I’m not careless I’m a human “ why is this society so narrow thinking a married woman has to compromise on everything else other than cooking,cleaning & being responsible for her kids/family? Is there a break or holiday for this woman?But the answer is “no” for a homemaker who enjoys taking care of her house & family has no breaks but gets rewarded with lots of love from the family so all you home makers out there ignore the negative talks & continue to do your best! I always watched my mother taking care of us so well but never thought I will be one since I always wanted to work, I didn’t choose to be a home maker but I don’t know life dragged me here and I’m settled here forever I mean I am unable to leave my home & choose something else as my routine because I feel I’m more responsible for my kids since my family members don’t have time to take care of my kids when I’m not around and Im not very happy about the maids taking care of my kids so I’m here back at home. But the hope to work & do something for myself is till there fresh in my heart, as I dream big hopes shine from far!