Foods to Expect At Vishwakarma Weddings

Weddings in India are unique in traditions and cultures varying across the different regions. Some of them are exceptional as well as a treat to your eyes. The most interesting wedding in India are the south Indian weddings and preferentially Vishwakarma wedding. By attending these south Indian weddings one would find him or herself close to the nature immersing oneself to the rich heritage of south India, attending these south Indian weddings. These sects of people, the Brahmins, originating from the states of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu form the community of the Vishwakarmas. When you come across this kind of weddings, you will be fascinated.

The rituals and customs in Vishwakarma matrimony are unique in its own way; the most important aspect of a wedding taking place in a south Indian style is its food. Expect what you have never expected before. You will get the aromas of freshly cooked food and they specialize in cooking with the most available spices in a particular region where the wedding is taking place. They have their own cuisine and they are proud of their cuisine as all of the foods are prepared by the members of the families. They improvise on their own cuisine taking the help of the Mother Nature.

According to the native tradition of the south Indians, the food is always served on banana leaves as homage to the Mother Nature. Getting a banana leave to eat on will only increase your hunger. The food that you can expect at a Vishwakarma wedding depends totally on the region where the wedding is taking place. The cuisine that is prepared to be served at the reception of this wedding is followed according to the menu provided to each of the guests. The cuisine will always be rich of natural vegetation that is grown or harvested at the local regions.

A welcome drink is provided to every guest attending the wedding. The welcome drink that is served to the guest attending the wedding will be rich in coconut milk and other ingredients in small quantities. Some serve wayanandan, a drink made out of coconut milk as the welcome drink which is very tasty. Then the starters are served which is basically the appetizer which helps to increase the hunger so that the intake of food of varying taste becomes enjoyable. The appetizers that are mainly served in these weddings are idly with sambhar, Dosas with a lots of chutney made out of coconut.

The starters may also include dishes such as tikka made of paneer, samosas made of panner, or the local sambhar and dahi vada. Then comes the main course which includes dishes that will hold onto your stomach for a long time. Mostly dishes made of different kinds of rice such as biryani, kesari bhaath, polihora, different kind of rotis such as kothamba rotis, all these are served with coconut chutneys and can easily find the taste and the essence of tamarind in it. Well some dishes such as raita, sour curd, veggie salads along with desserts such as a fruit salad are also served at the end.

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