Iyengar Wedding Food with a Modern Twist

It is said that marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on Earth. Thus, each tradition follows their own ritual when it comes to marriages. Down in South, Iyengar weddings are filled with fun and frolic. They are made up of many rituals and camaraderie. Iyengar matrimony is a common sight in states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Starting with a traditional engagement and ending with Kanyadaan, Iyengar marriages are worth noticing.

Talking about a typical Iyengar wedding food, they are well known for having traditional and simple lunch. Their food is tasty and always pleases our taste buds. Even if you are not a foodie, you will simple fall in love with such a huge variety being offered under one roof. People who love experimenting with taste and delicacies should surely attend an Iyengar wedding. They food is decided by both the families and a menu is fixed which is tasty and budget-friendly at the same time. This is how they add a new edge to their traditional Iyengar matrimony reception.

Iyengar weddings signify tradition and simplicity

Be it an elite wedding bash or a small wedding consisting of near and dear ones, it is their tradition to serve food on a banana leaf. This practice dates back a long time. They simply love serving the food in traditional as well as eco-friendly manner. Eating food in such simple manner, not in the non –traditional buffets, is indeed a different experience altogether.

If you happen to visit your Iyengar friend’s wedding ceremony, remember to indulge into some of the delicacies having unique names as well as taste. You will find plaintain curry, ghee and dal, beans-dal curry, potato chips and fruits as they basic items.

A host of dishes to relish and savour

Iyengar matrimony planners are perfectionists who serve dishes in various shapes and usually couple it with plain garnished curd. Another dish which is hot favourite among South Indians is Appalam, a crispy and tasty dish taken with meals. They are yummy and best eaten when hot and fresh. Another dish worth trying is Sambhar with Okra and Bell Peppers which can be added to rice or Appalam, making it more relishing and irresistible.

If you are a diehard lover of spicy and attractive food, then surely go for Tomato rasam which can be enjoyed as a soup or can be coupled with boiled rice. Rasam is made spicy by adding plenty of onions, pepper and cumin added to it. You will surely come across some of the dishes in an Iyengar wedding having complicated names. Puliyodharai is one of those dishes which is made out of a host of ingredients whose name will be new to your ears. Coming to sweets, do splurge on Mini Jangiri which an old traditional sweet made out of urad dal and Maida which tastes simply yum.

Thus, make sure to attend at least one Iyengar wedding in recent times as you will never ever forget the delicacies they have in store for their guests.