Data warehousing solutions have been existing for decades and these have been the backbone of all reporting and analytic needs of both small and large scale enterprises. Even in today’s world of Big Data, Data Lakes, and NoSQL databases, SQL as a language still remains the most powerful querying language and the combination of data warehouses and SQL continues to dominate the most modern data applications.


At GumGum, Amazon Redshift has been the primary warehousing solution for years. Redshift is a fully managed, petabyte-scale cloud data warehouse that has worked very well for our needs. However, our data footprint has grown substantially over the years and we need solutions that easily scale with us, without the burden of exponentially rising costs. Due to the increase in data volume, we have gone through the cycles of resizing the Redshift cluster from time to time. Unfortunately, the ease of operating the warehouse comes with the cost of an expensive cluster (21 dc2.8xlarge)

Rashmina Menon

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