How an impromptu trip towards the heart of the Bengaluru city, planted the seed of inspiration behind changing the modus-operandi of the prestigious Karnataka CET Counselling.

HQ of KEA, Bangalore

The first steps towards one's career can be a crucial and set in motion the professional ethos for a young lad filled with dreams. Bengaluru being deemed as India’s Silicon Valley and a house to approximately 123 engineering colleges, Karnataka Education Authority undertakes the esteemed task of online Common Entrance Tests (Similar to LSATS in USA) that chart out the seat allotment for each student based on their scores.

It was one sultry afternoon…

Technology that helps you monitor & manage your complete life cycle of your crop, effectively!

An whole new arena of industry began when the early man gave up on his nomadic lifestyle & decided to grow his own food for sustainability. Colonies & settlements began to emerge. Cultivating & maintaining crops became the primary activity for sustenance with the early man. The fear of on-ground predators was absolved with thick boundaries, ensuring safety of the growing settlements. The early man developed tools & equipments that aided in producing food. The world has seen many tumultuous events such as the great depression & industrial revolution, which help establish a scientific practice in growing more quantity of…

Alackrity’s Automatic Milk Procurement System helps digitise the first leg of the production: Procuring milk from the dairy farmers. We go beyond just digitisation & offer a platform that offers multitudes of essential services that help in the elevation of the farming community.

India is the World’s largest producer of the milk. While it enjoys the limelight, there is also another battle that dairy industry faces: Quality factor. Quality standards play a major role in determining India’s stand in the global export market. Indian Dairy industry although ships out 51.33 Million Tonnes of milk every year, understand the criticality of missing out making a wave in the global market.

Dr. Kurein’s White Revolution has set a standard practice in the production of milk across the country, which gave him the title “Milkman of India”. …

Alackrity Consols

At Alackrity, we design & build collaborative technology solutions that help create a positive social impact at the grassroot level.

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