Digital Dairy — Empowering Dairy Farmers!

Alackrity’s Automatic Milk Procurement System helps digitise the first leg of the production: Procuring milk from the dairy farmers. We go beyond just digitisation & offer a platform that offers multitudes of essential services that help in the elevation of the farming community.

Falling short on adoption of technology

Milk Procurement: Current Scenario

Present Scenario for Milk procurement System (Farmer to Dairy)

Milk Procurement: The New Change!

Going beyond Digitalization:

Converting non-business hours to business hours @ Milk Producing Cooperative Societies/ Milk Collection Centers
Extension services for dairy farmers in a single technology platform

True Impact, True Value!

The cow beckons you with a “Moo”!



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At Alackrity, we design & build collaborative technology solutions that help create a positive social impact at the grassroot level.