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Alackrity’s Automatic Milk Procurement System helps digitise the first leg of the production: Procuring milk from the dairy farmers. We go beyond just digitisation & offer a platform that offers multitudes of essential services that help in the elevation of the farming community.

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India is the World’s largest producer of the milk. While it enjoys the limelight, there is also another battle that dairy industry faces: Quality factor. Quality standards play a major role in determining India’s stand in the global export market. Indian Dairy industry although ships out 51.33 Million Tonnes of milk every year, understand the criticality of missing out making a wave in the global market.

Dr. Kurein’s White Revolution has set a standard practice in the production of milk across the country, which gave him the title “Milkman of India”. This led to the active adoption of production technology which helped commoditize milk & milk products to earn the place of being the world’s largest milk producing country.

Falling short on adoption of technology

While the crucial process of milk production has adopted complex & mature technology capability based on the supply & demand across the nation, the procurement leg of the chain still largely remains the same. With a rudimentary infrastructure & dodgy electricity services & mobile networks has rendered the rural space largely nascent. It takes a real mettle to venture into the uncharted territory of rural digitisation & ensure successful adaptability to a game-changing technology.

This exactly where Alackrity fits in! With a vast experience over a decade in working in the largely untapped arena of the rural ecosphere, we have marked our presence as technology innovators in the rural space.

Milk Procurement: Current Scenario

Present Scenario for Milk procurement System (Farmer to Dairy)

Milk Procurement: The New Change!

Milk procurement from the dairy farmers is an interesting puzzle to solve leveraging IT. With an over decades experience, we dove right in with a mission to we understand the importance of deploying technology enablers that are
1. Simple & compatible with the rural landscape
2. Capable of ensuring uninterrupted business continuity
3. Strategic ‘pull’ method for effective change management — Harnessing public power by extending essential benefits to create self-motivated users.

Going beyond Digitalization:

Enabling digital platform for milk procurement process helps roll out various IT enabled services as available in an urban area to the rural communities which helps them in elevating their livelihoods.

Converting non-business hours to business hours @ Milk Producing Cooperative Societies/ Milk Collection Centers

By harnessing the power of PPPP, Alackrity Digital Dairy platform aims to Provide Urban Services in Rural Areas for the upheaval & elevation of farming communities. Some of the essential services that we have been made available are:

Extension services for dairy farmers in a single technology platform

True Impact, True Value!

We currently live in a collaborative world. Technology has become the enabler in transforming ur lives or our businesses. While purpose is the prime mover in adapting to technology, Its true potential lies in its impact.

Our Digital Dairy, is focused in creating ground level impact that helps not only digiitize the procurement process but also build a thriving farming community by providing equal opportunity to all cooperatives!

Alackrity’s self evolving Digital Dairy & Its impact on farming community:
1.Increased transparency & fairness in the system
2. Promoting Business correspondence among farmers
3. Performance based incentives
4. Micro credit facilities & Loans (Agriculture, Cattle, Education & Personal)
5. Seamless availing of policies
6. Rural employment through e-commerce Logistics
7. Family welfare, healthcare & hygiene
8.Family e-Wallet (Unidevice, Unicode)

On Milk Fraternity:
1.Capacity building
2.Credibility — CSR of federation
3. Easy policy rollouts & schemes
4.Quality assurance
5.Tracking real-time performance
6.Exposure to business opportunities & additional revenue to MPCS
7.Programme course correction
8.Providing (PURA)
9.Completely aligned with Government vision
10.Foundation for Big Data, AI, Machine Learning

The cow beckons you with a “Moo”!

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