A4: 3D Printing Jewelry

Our assignment is to create a 3D model using Rhino 3D’s primitive operations such as revolution, extrusion, and boolean addition/subtraction. We were given the option to create any 3D object within a reasonable size dimension.


Sketching: I chose to make a 3D printed jewelry for my project. I started out by sketching a couple different ideas that I had in mind — mostly keeping the shapes geometric.

After choosing a pendant shape that I liked, I sketched a scaled version so that I would know how big or small I wanted the pendant to be.

Rhino 3D: Using the 3D pyramid function on Rhino, I put together two pyramids with their bases connected.

  • I then used boolean addition to merge the two pyramids into one surface.
  • To make the diamond shape hollow, so I drew out a 2D triangle in the top perspective, laid it on top of one of the sides of the diamond, and extruded the shape through the diamond to create a triangle shaped hole. I continued this process through each surface of the diamond.
  • Finally, I revolved the diamond to create an arrow shaped pendant.
3D pendant model in Rhino | Pendant being placed in MakerBot

MakerBot: I decided to lay my design on it’s flattest side to make the printing process easier. The total print time was approximately 40 minutes.

Final product:


Why: My own personal goal was to create something that I would actually use in my day-to-day life. While creating mini-buildings seemed like a cool idea, I know I would not end up using that in any sort of way. I chose to try my hand at jewelry because even if I don’t wear my model, I could always gift it to someone else.

Challenges: Throughout the process, I did not face very many challenges. I was familiar with using Rhino from the last assignment, and the staff at the CoMotion studio were extremely helpful when guiding me through MakerBot. One main frustration I had, however, was how the final product compared to what I visualized based off of the model in Rhino. I imagined my design to be a little wider and more opaque— but that was a mistake that I had made when changing the settings on MakerBot.

Further Iterations: Given time and resources, I would like to print a copy of my design and glue the two pendants together (back to back) to create something a little bigger. I would also like to figure out the exact settings I want in MakerBot so that the 3D print comes out looking how I want it to. I might also want to experiment with more intricate designs

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