The Wonder Woman Behind Love Your Pooch All Natural Pet Products

So, this story is about an absolutely amazing woman who had the courage to start her own animal product line which is the first of its kind in Pakistan.

She is none other than Sana Sattar — founder of the Love Your Pooch All Natural Pet Products and a mom to 2 adorable twins and 2 fur babies (yes she clearly believes in equality).

I recently had the privilege of interviewing her and to say I was amazed would be an understatement. The woman has so much of integrity that before starting her line, she ensured she had enough knowledge about the product, did a thorough research and went on to become a certified Animal Nutritionist.

Her aim for her product line was to develop products that are natural, free of chemicals and artificial preservatives and a solution for pest control and natural healthcare. She wanted her products to be great (and trust me when I say, they are way way better than just plain and simple great).

She claims that all her success is due to high standards for quality, grit and perseverance. I would go ahead and call her a total pedantic at heart since she is so overly concerned with all the details of her product line.

For now, she is only doing this as a single individual. She does everything herself from manufacturing to marketing and sometimes even deliveries (I kid you not). She believes that the basis of building a successful customer base is by giving amazing products that speak volumes for themselves and of-course the best customer service possible, hence she will pro-actively follow up with you to ensure that you use her products correctly and also for feedback. She takes her customer feedback (even the negative one’s) extremely seriously and with so much poise and grace that one would be amazed.

I asked her what keeps her going? And her answer was simply amazing (I think I might be in awe), so she told me and I quote: “Knowing that I’m helping animals with products that not only are good for their overall well-being but are also keeping them and their pet parents away from chemicals and artificial preservatives.”

She believes her life right now as an entrepreneur is chaotic (but she would not have it any other way). And she also hopes that it always stays this way.

I think I might have found the person I truly admire for what she has done single-handedly. She is not only an amazing business woman but also a genuinely nice person with a clean heart and honest, straight forward opinions.

Oh and the super woman that she is, she is currently actively doing courses in holistic pet care (so everyone out there, be ware, she is out to conquer the world!!)

I wish her the best forever and always. And pray that her product grows in leaps and bounds over the many years to come.