Spainalious! A holiday worth taking.

Every now and then we need a good vacation to feel refreshed & start a new. That’s when you just want to be everywhere and there is no where better than Spain. Want to experience warmth, good food, art & culture? Spain tops it all.

Firstly, you cannot miss the local Spanish food — their tapas & seafood paella with a cool glass of wine is heaven for any foodie. Gothic churches & art from Gaudi to Picasso is breathtaking for any art lover and then if you want to soak in sun & party hard all day & night, this place has it all. Andalusian region continues to be the most beautiful and breathtaking.There are many travelers who only explore this region for all its art & beauty.

Here are the 5 top cities as a must do if you are travelling to Spain:

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Barcelona: This city is full of life & energy. If you are here, a walk through LaRambla street which is approx 1.2 km stretch of lusciously trees is a must. It has all wonderful places to eat, stalls & artist performing. A visit to Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Batllo is a must. The beauty of this city is every narrow little lane continues to be filled with energy & then surprising will open up to huge plaza like a magic box. Don’t miss exploring this city on foot, you will want to stop & take in its beauty & energy.

Ushuaia Club, Ibiza

Ibiza: Soak in the sun by the Mediterranean Sea on the Calaconta beach during the day & head out partying all evening. Now that is pure relaxation. They some worlds best clubs. A visit to Spain is incomplete without a trip to Ibiza. The best thing, they have these party hop-on hop-off buses which takes you & drop off throughout these clubs. Its easier way to just party everywhere.


Seville: Up next explore the Andalusian region. Seville is a very cosy & relaxed city which has a very Moorish heritage. Explore Plaza de Espana which is a semi-circular brick building, Renaissance/neo-Moorish in style. Alcazar & Seville Cathedral are beautiful and should be in your must dos. Rent a cycle & explore this lovely city.

La Mezquita, Cordoba

Cordoba: This city is mind-blowing beautiful. A walk through the Roman bridge which is one of the beautiful site located in the historic centre of this city. It’s known for its La Mezquita, an immense mosque which dates back to 600 C.E. They have these pretty small streets which is almost as replicate of what you see in Greece. Quite possibly the most beautiful alley you’ll ever see, Calleja de las Flores.

At Botin restaurant, Madrid

Madrid: Very commercialized & casual. If you are in Madrid, visit the royal palace to experience its grandeur. The Warner Bros park is fun with some exciting rides and adventure, try pre-booking your tickets to avoid standing in long queues. Must must visit Botin restaurant which dates back to 1725 and is the oldest restaurant still running in the world recognized by Guinness book of World records.

To summaries, this country will continue to be on my top favorites. Given an opportunity would love to re-explore the Andalusian region. It beams with art, music, culture and the warmth of the people in Spain is a cherry on the cake.