. Located deep in the center of your brain is a pine-cone shaped gland called the “PINEal gland”. Please do not under estimate the power and function of this gland based on its size. The pineal gland produces a hormone known as Melatonin; a free radical-bursting antioxidant that controls circadian rhythm, and regulates reproductive hormones. Melatonin can repair cells, which have been damaged due to stress and disease,and as a antioxidant can destroy microorganisms.

. Now that is a little about the physical functions of the pineal gland, now lets go higher. You may have heard the term “third eye” in reference to the mind; the symbolism is used on the back of us currency even. What does this really mean? The Pineal gland has a watery interior that contains rods and cones; just like the ones found in the retina of your eyes! What that means is the pineal gland is a real physical third eye. A third eye that can see beyond space and time. Here are a few interesting facts about the pineal gland..

1) almost exactly 49 days within the development of the embryo the pineal gland is formed.. The exact same time the embryo becomes either a male or female.

2) another term often used to describe this powerful gland is “The seat of the soul” and “ Minds eye”. The pineal gland secretes a substance called ‘dimethyltriptamine’ (DMT). This is the same hallucinatory substance found in South American Shamanic brew called ayahuasca. A substance known to take one beyond common states of awareness.

3)the pineal gland has a amazing relationship to sun light. It is regulated and activated by sun light. It produces the happy chemical known as serotonin.

. The problem is our LIFESTYLES!

Consumption of spirit-crushing chemicals… and the lack of education… has left our Pineal Glands atrophied, dormant, calcified, neutralized, and oppressed to the point of uselessness!

How important is this — well lets say Prayer is deeply affected with out a healthy pineal gland! Our connection with the creator as a whole happens through this higher self, without this eye open we are subjected to being enslaved to the carnal dirt body. I believe there is a reason this pineal gland is formed so early in the embryo, our spiritual eye was established early as a connection to our creator. We should be wise and take good care of our bodies, and here are a few ways to keep this important gland healthy.

I hope this was helpful


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