Planet Selfie

If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one to hear it, does it make a sound? Or perhaps the modern equivalent is, if someone has an experience without taking a selfie, did the experience actually occur? How did one’s own picture ever become so Omni-Important?

The emergence of the selfie is pure narcissism. I wonder if Steve jobs had this in mind when he decided on the catchy name of iPhone, iMac, iPod, iPad, and so on… Did he know people would become islands submerged in a state of subjectiveness? There is simply not enough real touch interaction in my opinion, and I can only wonder how this is all ultimately affecting the world. When did creating the illusion that one’s life is awe-inspiring supplant the necessity of creating an awesome reality? One of the most powerful activities we can engage in is experiencing the moment with all senses engaged. A few months ago I met one of my favorite artists, Rakim. Now let me add some clarity to understand the magnitude of this experience — Anyone that knows me knows I am. Rakim•ologist! Hands down my favorite artist on planet earth! I will be giving him the best interview of his career Soon, but that’s another blog. Thanks to a mutual friend, I was able to spend an hour backstage with him before his performance. We got right into it — building on high sciences, and Supreme Mathematics.. In so many ways our personalities just meshed, the vibes were crazy positive. As rich as this moment was for me, at no point did I make the toxic mistake of pulling out the iPhone camera and turning the moment into Instagram alert. Instead, I totally embraced the experience. Listening more than talking, observing the whole scenery and taking it all in — ”I sit back and observe the whole scenery then nonchalantly tell you what it means to me” ~Rakim lyrics. It was not only one of those cherished moments that I will always value, but I believe the exchange was a mutually received as well. We exchanged numbers and everything about the experience was totally human infused through and through with authenticity!


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