It’s Been 1 Year.

Hi there, America!

It’s almost been a year.

August 7, 2015. My big bro and Myself at JFK Airport(Welcome to America!).

August 7, 2015. The day I landed in the United States. It’s almost been 1 year that I’ve been breathing in a foreign soil. But honestly, it feels like I am home.

This is to another 1 year of full of promises, hard work, dedication and procrastination.

So what have a done in my first year here? Lets see… I finished off freshman year with a decent GPA, went to California(best place) for a month to meet my big bro, met my parents who came for my brothers graduation, ummm…. travelled the east coast, learned a lot about life, work and patience. Overall, not a bad first year I think.

More importantly, it’s been a fantastic year for my Family. My Dad for finally having a great working environment; being busy all day. Mom won the best women engineer of the year awarded by the Prime minister of Nepal. My brother got a great job in the Silicon Valley. And there’s me, the lil kid in the family, still fondling in life. It can’t get any better for us. Moving away from Mom and Dad was like a blessing it seems.

A complete family picture in America.
Big bro teaching me the ins and outs of coding.

I think the most important aspect of being an international student is the sense of competition you get. Specially, in a tech world, you have to jump to reach the finish line, you have to sprint to get ahead. You’re going to get crushed if you just walk. Last year , I hardly knew coding. I didn’t even how-and-why of HTML tags. I am not completely an expert now but hey, I am learning at a better pace than ever. (Find out what I am up to these days).

My advise to any International students coming here is that you have to be strong, confident and determined. You are going to be exposed pool of opportunities. You are going to get intimidated, but let that be your motivation. There are so many things you have to deal with. There will be bad days and there will be very bad days. But don’t let that affect you. Get stuff done 1 step at a time.

I am not going to write an epic ending response to this year. But I will end off by saying that I feel better than ever. This year has certainly been an special year but I promise to make the next even better.

Saying hello to New York for the first time.