Are we open for an open relationship?

Exploring the emotional side of an open relationship.

Does it necessarily have to be a mess or be seen derogatorily? Do they stand a chance of being healthy for the mind?

Does it really need labeling?

So as you can see, I don’t really have experience with it. But if done it right, could be something amazing.

Which is why now, when he asked me “are we open for an open relationship?”, I want to say yes. But .. do I, now?

This was one of our first date conversations. There was some amazing energy. The kind that you rarely find. We were quite excited talking about open relationships and about humans having immense amount of love to give. We kept going on about not restricting the power of love and the beauty of honest relationships. That, we come across people from all walks of life who leave an impression, and vice-versa. We were of the strong opinion, two people who claim to love each other should be able to support one another in whatever brings them joy. Even if its another man/woman. And I’m not just talking about sexual fantasies. Beyond that.

The tantra of beings beyond our circle. The self-path-carving through other being’s emotional journeys. Understanding that we are all on the same journey yet accepting the need to carve the most beautiful path for generations to follow. It also inspired us to feel the power of being in a relationship, a strong bond of love and care, yet selflessly allowing, opening doors for opportunities and experiences beyond that one bond. Making way for new roads and challenging our current state to be stronger everyday. Isnt that what brings novelty, instead of frying up in comfort? But I guess that’s just the rebellion in me which can’t rest.

We see evidences of healthy bonds between parents and all their children. Between siblings and cousins. Between best friends and their friends. Between the sun, moon and the earth. Between tea, biscuits, cakes, danish and other confectionery. Unless we dare to go beyond the stereotype, we wouldn’t have discovered all the things that could perfectly go together whilst being happily connected with their roots of sorts.

Anyway, all of this could be my mind trying to make peace, or that it actually makes sense?!

My traditional upbringing (the way my parents and society brought me up) keeps pulling me back and says, that’s not how we do it Rasika. And my rebellious upbringing (the way I brought and taught myself up) laughs and says, watch me!!

❤ if you ever went through a dilemma like this. Thoughts anyone?

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