The journey of Something to Nothing

Evolution is the only outcome. Eventually!

Our life and decisions are all powered by this journey.

When we sit and think about what influences our choices, decisions and the twists and turns in our life, it all boils down to finding that “nothing” point. It is that magnificent point/phase that triggers actions and fosters our process to evolution. Okay fine, its not that magnificent at the time!

Its that point we all dread and avoid and keep running away from. Its that phase we are all warned of and told off if we get close to it.

We are all subjected to these opposite forces. One wants you to stay away from nothing and bask in the glory of that something which is amazing. And the other is pulling you towards nothing. But we all are great fighters. Quite rebellious when it comes to taking that something away from us. Now that something has started to define our lives, we don’t want to go through an identity crisis.

But how long do you think can this go on?

All good or “something” has to come to an end and reach that point where its nothing.

“Nothing” is inevitable and it feels awful. Especially because it comes in the way of enjoying our precious “something”. We hate it. Its confusing and we don’t know what to make of it. Running away is not an option anymore.

The only option or outcome of nothing is growth. Personal Evolution.

If we never sought nothing, we shall never attempt to be better than something. We get used to it and be that for the rest of our life and reach a point where we wont take anything but that something. Even if its better.

“Nothing” makes us better. Its kicks our butts and gives us momentum for being better than something. To grow. To dream. To be things you thought you could never be.

Don’t be afraid of things going bitter or sour or turn to nothing. Nothing is beautiful.

Dare to go beyond. Reach unattainable. Conquer experiences and trust the process of day and night. Notice how important it is to have both and that one cannot do without the other. Let the water flow its flow, hit rocks. It only enhances the flavour.

To all of you in mourning over hitting rock bottom, use this hit. Its there for a reason to help you push up, towards a new something to grow from. To enhance your flavours. Making you yummy again!