Whine, wine and caffeine!

I was lost, I whined

I found love, I wined

But for what keeps me going, I caffeine it!

I found these to be the best ways to get over or get through anything and everything. You are the happiest soul in less than an hour.

Its as though magical. Suddenly you have this power you thought you never had. This is the newly discovered and yet exploring wine & coffee connoisseur in me talking. Whining comes naturally to me. But hey, it works.

With coffee I don’t need to whine neither do I need wine.
And the best part is I can start at nine.
It looks like its a rhyme.
But I best express myself mime.
Well that’s not true,
I just want to get my feelings through
I get easily depressed,
But I have the caffeine power to suppress.

Are you all about taking it all out on wine and coffee? Why not mix it up a little.. its a thing now!

Or soon it will be. Rather it should be. Isnt it time?!

Stress not. Caffwine it! 😂

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