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The mobile world is constantly evolving with different devices getting launched almost on a yearly basis. To keep pace with the change developers have to come out with creative ideas. Since the surge of users towards mobile devices is continuously increasing making your website ready for mobile is need of the hour. Let us glimpse below to know about some of the design adjustments you must do for your website to adapt a mobile device:

1. Responsive navigation menus

The navigation menus that work in websites won’t function properly in mobile sites. So developers have to design menus that alter its presentation on different mobile devices with different screen sizes. Also the menus must large and responsive to finger touch.

2. Prioritize content and simplicity

Keep the website design as simple as possible for the site to function effectively across multiple devices. Give priority to your content and keep minimum possible images to make the page load faster. Also try to keep the page design simple, clear and clutter free by leaving more white space.

3. White space around links

In mobile devices users interact mostly via touchscreen which is operated through fingers by tapping on the screen. As finger tap is far less precise than mouse click it is necessary to keep white space around links to make them prominent. Even the CTA links or buttons must be designed in such a way that it catches users’ attention instantly.

4. Adapt to screen sizes

By using fluid design you can make your site adapt to various screen sizes. In this design percentages are assigned to web elements instead of fixed widths hence they change proportionately and fit within the screen. Using responsive design is another best practice.

5. Make it ready for cross-platform

Your website can work across multiple devices and multiple platforms if responsive web design is used. In this design, the website appears different in different screen sizes as it adjusts itself according to the size. It responds to the device by adjusting according to the screen size to enhance seamless user experience.

Get ready to increase the potential of your website by making it work across multiple devices and multiple platforms as well. If you find the process tricky then outsource it to some design specialist. Thanks for reading!

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Originally published at freelancewebsiteontwikkelaar.wordpress.com on August 30, 2016.