5 Things that UI Designers Should Avoid!

With the help of these tips, you can be more careful towards your approach to User Interface Design. When it comes to User Interface design, your approach that totally depends upon the kind of business, organization or enterprise will enhance the development crisis.

This is making an overall difference in the perspective of designs which is why it is important for graphic and web designers to understand the difference between what looks nice and what looks nice and works well too.

Unlearn 5 Things About User Interface Design

1. Misunderstanding Typefaces

While you are designing for a website, the typeface selected must depend on the kind of the brand or organization. It must remain in the context of the message or emotion they aim to convey. Of course, the content does play a very important role but selecting the typeface is one of the elements the message sent across through that design.

2. Inconsistent Design

With the most amazing designs, you can sometimes fail to meet the goals of creating a smooth user experience. I understand that many websites are about more about designs than usability; they are made with the aim of looking good. Here, the appeal, look and feel is given more importance than the usability. For instance, a movie’s website would want to look and sound good. Also, these websites are not visited for end customer or it is not being browsed often. Thus, it concentrates in the overall look and feel.

With Consistency I mean, the balance between colors and sizes. Make sure that your buttons and tabs are of the same size. Also, ensure that the essentials of the website are getting the focus and you have considered clearing the clutter. In this case, it is always recommended to have a plan before you go about making the website design. Having few brainstorming sessions on the design perspective, discussions on the design approach,

3. Imbalance in Design

So are your colors working for you? Selection of a color tone to the very small elements shape and size, everything requires a balance and only you then you achieve a website that not only looks good but also works good. The UI designs can always include many element but you need to ensure the proper placement, use of colors and content length. You must select a color palate and then stick to it. This way you stay in the direction of balancing colors. For the content, divide your tabs and make sure they are readable and provide easy navigation.

4. Creating One Design For all Browsers

It is much surprise that many do that. Well, when your talk about Web Design, a designer must understand that when the screen size changes, every other dimension changes. And still keep the user experience similar as to the desktop version is the challenges. Make sure you create a design that adapts well. Make sure your have design that works for different devices basically on every screen size. You need to consider this in the plan.

5. Not Giving Users Control

When you provide with directional elements like arrows or bullet points etc. you are trying to navigate the user through the website. But many times it happens so that you land up controlling their actions you try to control and then you make sure you do it subtly.

UI Design — Keep Your Users in Mind

The most important thing that a UI designer must remember is the user’s. Because after all they are ones who will be viewing it and then browsing through it! I understand when you are designing, getting carried away is very easy which why I suggest a plan or an advice from the UI design Expert so that you don’t miss out the small but important details.

Now at least we are clear on what not to do, but what things you can do have infinite possibilities, explore all of them. Write to me if you wish to discuss on elements and perspective in User Interface designs.

Originally published at www.mytechlogy.com.