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Maintaining a win-win relationship with your client could be tricky. To experience the same you need to draft a contract with the right clauses in it. Otherwise be prepared to face the following misconceptions:

1. Contract means ownership

Some clients misapprehend that entering a contract imparts them with ownership rights over their designers. As a result they keep hammering you with requests of revision, redesign and more even on weekends or odd hours. In order to avoid such intrusions from your clients it is advisable to clearly mention your working hours/days in the contract.

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2. Designers must be SEO experts

Often enterprise owners revert back to you if their sites do not convert as expected. Even though your role as a designer is crucial in building high ranking websites, avoid commitment unless you can deliver. Instead, guide them to search engine optimization experts.

3. Mobile app and mobile website are synonyms

Yes, it is possible that your clients do not understand the basic difference between an app and a website that opens in a mobile. Therefore, patiently educate them with actual examples so that they can precisely convey you what actually they want.

4. Once you design, redesign forever for free

Let your clients know that once you design their website, you will provide service for a certain period of time only. Beyond that they need to make additional payment. It will save you from their redundant requests for review and redesign.

5. Empty spaces indicate poor work

White spaces in their websites make clients think that you have not given adequate time to the project. In that case explain to them with patience that it is called minimalism and is the recent trend in designing.

6. They can read peoples’ mind

If your client insists you for including obsolete design styles based on the argument that “people want this” then please do not comply. Try to convince them that you have considerable experience and you would certainly consider their inputs as long as they yield better results.

7. Leaving a project halfway doesn’t cost them

Always remember to include the right payment clauses so that clients do not misinterpret that they may cancel the project anytime, leave with your ideas and pay you nothing. Make a practice of asking for a starting fee so that clients remain committed.

To keep steady inflow of projects remember the golden rule, “customer is King”. Therefore, treat him with courtesy, be tolerant and build mutual trust over the time.

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