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After months of rumours and plenty of waiting, this could really be what it looks like. We are talking about the Apple iPhone 7 Pro (or Plus) in what appears to be a live image. And yes, we do have the dual lens camera on the back as well.

Image: Bastillepost

A recent report shared an image, which shows off the back of a Slate Grey iPhone, that looks pretty similar to the existing Apple iPhone 6 and 6s Plus models. There is the rounded appearance that could easily be mistaken for an iPhone 6s Plus, except for the second row of antenna gaps that seems to be missing, keeping in line with rumours that were reported earlier.

Also visible on the back is the much talked-about dual lens camera setup with the secondary mic and the dual tone LED flash on the top. At the bottom, we can see three strange looking dots that appear to be connectors. This could be another version of the Smart Connector, that first debuted with the iPad Pro, hinting at accessories that could be connected via the same. The connector could either be used to charge the smartphone or to attach keyboard-like accessories as well.

This is just a leaked image, and we cannot be sure about this information as the launch for the next iPhone is almost six months away. As of now, we would advise you to take this news with a pinch of salt.

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Originally published at on March 16, 2016.

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