Ecommerce 2016: What can you expect for your online business?

After Google has changed every equation that worked so far for variously cunning organizations — who thought tricking online rules will lead them to success — everything about online marketing has changed. Content marketing is now seen revolving on the different sphere altogether. Now you can no longer fiddle with Google and your content will speak more about how outstanding and authentic you are as compared to all other competitors.

To which, you might say, Holy Shit! But if you take it wisely, believe me, you can turn the dust into gold. How? Read on to know more.

The new trend is in

Bit by bit, every ecommerce companies and SMB organizations are ready to flow with the novel trend of outsourcing their content creation and digital marketing jobs. In 2016, if you want your ecommerce store to reach maximum shoppers and touch millions of target audience, you will have to let your content do the talking for you. Whether it is auto-generated content, video expression or manual efforts, ecommerce marketing includes it all.

2016 is expected to be the year when ecommerce empires have to gear up for spending some more bucks assigning the content creation projects to an outsourcing agency.

While keeping other marketing channels efforts like pay per click advertising, SEO optimization, social media and email marketing in-house, they can definitely see outsourcing content management to specialist dedicated agencies.

A solution to content creation cost

Not every company, especially those small and mid-size ones, can afford hiring content agency to help produce unique words for their products. So though outsourcing content creation could be the great idea for established retailers in 2016, it may create a financial tribulation and resultant frustration for those who are still into developing stage.

Writing product description through human efforts may sound original, but some ecommerce individuals may save their capital and time by using machine-generated content. There are certain companies that profess to use product source data and their unique algorithm to generate mechanical product descriptions. We look forward to this solution to content creation cost in 2016.

Hopefully, mid-sized companies would look forward to this automation solution for producing product description.

Video content is likely to rule

The regime of video content to market the products and services could be observed during 2016. As video content is expected to attract almost two-third of end user’s traffic the next year, it would be an astute move to leverage video illustration of website offers. As everybody on the internet is getting engaged with streaming content, online retailers may be a little opportunistic and forge towards forming appealing video for the products they intend to sell.

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