Elements of Website which makes your Users Happy

Best practices are not what you end up the optimization but it is something where you start.

Below are some ideas for ways to apply 10 Jakob Nielsen Usability Heuristics to lead generation websites in the B2B where transactions aren’t necessary.

Usability heuristics help to reduce the clash and keep the users concentrated on the message you want to convey and do not allow them to get distracted by incomplete interface.

We will provide examples that illustrate the relevance of heuristics while redesigning a website.

Always let your buyers know there position while navigating your site. You can do this by use of:

Breadcrumbs- It is similar to GPS as they tell your buyers their position on website and even the path that they laid.

Page Headers- The copy of the navigation system must be resembled by the header.

Highlighting Selected Menu Options- You can make the buyers to get instant feedback about menu options by highlighting a navigation item.

Show Progress Bars- by displaying a notification bar, the user can get to know what’s happening when they are trying to do something on your site.

Thank You Pages- By providing a Thank You page, action that was just taken can be confirmed.

Make frequent use of the words and phrases that the users are already thinking and prevent the use of jargon.

The terms the buyers literally use are: “roll out new software” “train the team” “do system customizations and enhancements” “make IT run smoothly”

The terms the buyers avoid using are: “Our resources, products and proven strategies” “attain the most of” “…our employees have been expertly applying with their wealth of experience to our clients” “a diverse set of clients experiences…”

A real world language used in your website must be the buyers’ real world language.

Avoid using anything that steals the control out of the users.

Pop-up offers are one of the examples. We all have experienced pop-up windows that come out of nowhere when we visit websites. They are annoying sometimes and moreover, they become frustrating when the users cannot reject them. By giving the users the control to reject such offers, you can increase the quality of surveys you’d be doing as the ones interested in will be honest.

There are some websites which, as soon as the buyer lands on it, starts playing a video. This is not recommendable as it can be frustrating because it may be a nuisance to the user. Let the video be played on their will.

There exists some websites that no longer did you land on them than they start selling something. Thus, avoid any despicable action at any cost.

Automatic sliding banners are another example that can be considered as a loss of control which leads to frustration. Instead of using this, the information you put on your website can be layered which can make it easy for the user to discover.

Avoid putting the buyers in a dilemmatic situation where they get confused if various content actually mean the same thing or not. Instead, make the process a smooth flow so as to subside any guessing of the user.

You must do whatever you can to avoid errors. This can prove to be the best defense against the errors. Errors do not arise at the time of designing, but it may require several trials of usability tests on your site.

Following are some errors that can be prevented very easily:

Providing wrong info in a web form.

Making the user confused by directing him to a wrong landing page

Typos in search boxes

Losing the buyer out from your website

Distinct primary and secondary CTA

The buyers on your site must predict the next step while exploring your site. This can be achieved by using few UX features:

Accordions- Accordions work at its best if the wording he has on top of mind matches the wording in the question.

Wealthfront- The function of wealthfront is to provide surplus information with the help of accordions.

Sticky menus- They provide an easy access to the menu navigation options to the users, regardless of how deep they enter in the page.

The colors of the visited links must be changed. Though overlooked quite often, this principle is proved to improve the recognition heuristic.

Make your site more flexible and efficient. The most frequent tasks on your site must also be the easiest to find.

The user flow options must be limited. There are only 4 options to Pipedrive’s possible actions: sign up, sign in, start a free trial, or learn more about the software.

For websites that generate leads, there should always be CTA shortcut at the top of the site because it makes it easy for the users to act on the ultimate CTA who frequently visit your site.

The design your website possesses must be kept aesthetic but simple. Users are more appealed by the simpler designs of the website.

Every website, no matter how sound is subjected to errors and those too annoying errors. For this, the buyers need a fast way to overcome these errors.

You must keep your website simple as simple as possible but you must add some help too. There are the following ways to do this:

There are tools available to directly interact with the users while they browse your site and to get your buyer to ask a question when he is exploring your site.

When you site holds common questions and queries, FAQ’s prove to be useful and are important to have in pricing table.

Pricing tables makes it understandable for the users at high-level to understand different pricing points.

There is a little text, at conversion that is implemented that can relieves the confusion the buyer has before converting, or avoids the mistakes commonly made. This is microcopy. It is small, but effective.

Following all these heuristics can be considered rational when you want to redesign your website.

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Originally published at websiteontwikkelingspecialis.blog.com on July 8, 2015.