Facebook’s TimeHop clone On This Day gets 60 million daily visitors

A year after blatantly copying TimeHop, Facebook’s nostalgia feature is proving how successful big platforms can be when they rip off smaller products. Each day 60 million people visit On This Day, and 155 million have subscribed to its notifications that show your photos, status, updates, and wall posts from this date in years past.

Facebook released the data on the one-year anniversary of On This Day itself. It also says its now using artificial intelligence to rank the posts you see in On This Day, and is personalizing the feature based on your past use, your demographic, and people you’ve blocked. Facebook also engineered in compassion by filtering out memories of people who you’ve blocked or were ex-romantic partners.

We’ll have more details soon

Originally published at techcrunch.com on March 24, 2016.

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