How Businesses are Benefitting with AI & Enterprise Software?

Artificial Intelligence known as AI is an innovation that is supported by many other innovations and technologies like deep learning, emotive learning, big data and machine learning. These innovations are co-dependent and will be the future of the technology industry.

The market of Artificial Intelligence is flourishing and the technology industry is benefitted greatly.

Here, are some of the facts and figures that depict the rising curve of the Artificial Intelligence market.

  • 82% of respondents said their organization will be using AI 2017, according to a report.
  • 38% of enterprises are already using AI, growing to 62% by 2018. (Narrative Science Survey)
  • Forrester Research predicted a greater than 300% increase in investment in artificial intelligence in 2017 compared with 2016.
  • IDC estimated that AI market will grow from 8$billion in 2016 to more than $47billion in 2020.

Health & Care Industry

We all are well aware of the fact that technology has hugely empowered the health sector. The new age innovations have enabled doctors and patients with almost everything. Thus, the technology industry is very dependent on technology at this point of time. Enterprise mobile or enterprise application trends are also very important to health care sector.

Many health institutes and facilities are using Chatbots for availing services to patients on non-emergency connections. Soon, we will see online consultations take place with the help of AI powered Chabot.

Benefits of Enterprise Software Artificial Intelligence

  • Data Collection
  • Improved User Experience
  • Reduced Operational Costs

Retail Industry

The retail industry across the world is flourishing and this is leading a very bright future with the help of new innovations and technologies. There is a need to meet the demands of reality where Artificial Intelligence is greatly helping in cutting operation costs.

Benefits of AI for Retail Industry

  • Higher Enterprise Mobility Security
  • Improved & Faster User Experience
  • Reduction in Operational Costs Leading to Dependability on AI
  • High Mobility of Data

Looking at the current trend, I can say that AI will be enabling most businesses and will be contributing in transforming the technology and its market. Stay tuned for more interesting articles on Artificial Intelligence to know about its upcoming trends.

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