Usage Of Smartphone And Mobile App

Smart Phone and Mobile users are tremendously increasing and it has reached to a level where it is next to impossible to survive without a Smartphone. Mobile technology has covered all the spheres whether it is Ecommerce business or watching any random movie. Anything and everything is there on the mobile, the internet has made it worked to all the levels. If you are planning a holiday or want to listen to music, you can use your phone. With the Smartphone everything is so much connected to each other that communication to anyone anytime is easy and feasible.

Smartphone Utility Differs to an Individual:-

  • 81% of people browse through an internet, they would like to surf different websites.
  • 77% internet population wants to search some or the other information from the websites.
  • 68% uses an app while 48% watches videos.
  • While 93% of Smartphone owners uses their phones while they are at home, they use it while reading newspaper and watching TV or by going to a rest room.
  • 79% uses Smartphone for shopping like 70% uses while they are in store, 54% uses to find a retailer, 49% uses to compare different prices of the items, 48% uses for getting coupons and vouchers on the deals, 44% to find reviews on products and 74% make purchase on the base of research done by their smart phones.
  • 77% of the crowd uses the Smartphone for searching information, 95% uses to find local information, 88% want to get immediate information and 77% have contacted different businesses.

Mobile App Categories:-

  • Games are the most popular categories among others; nearly 64% of the crowd downloads games for their entertainment.
  • 60% of internet users would like to know weather forecast on daily basis, they would like to download an app for getting this information.
  • 56% users are downloading different social sites for connecting to people.
  • 51% uses for getting direction, they download the map for going to places.
  • Music downloader are about 44%, they download the music app for listening to music.
  • Round about 39% of the people download the news app for getting information.
  • While 34% likes to watch movies and other entertainment on the phones and 32% uses for banking services.
  • IOS gamers are highest users to download games than the others, almost 14.7 hrs are used by these users for playing games.

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Originally published at on September 24, 2014.