What are the obstacles that spoil the intuitive ecommerce UX?

Web designers and developers who are actively involved in the world of website creation are compelled to believe that a web design must cater to the needs of the user. So it doesn’t strike as a surprise to say that emphasis on website design is most crucial to business success. While some web designs may stun users, there are certain obstacles that disturb the intuitive UX of your ecommerce store. Not all the elements about web UX design have the key to unlocking the true potential of online store. So let’s take a look at those obstacles that spoil the whole ecommerce broth.

Irrelevant audience

All the websites made serve particular purpose for specific group of users; not all the audience is going to be pleased with what you offer to them. You can’t think of selling a lighter to someone who doesn’t really smoke. You must include elements in your website that is aimed to target your audience. Your approach towards the relevant audience must be calculated and right in order to mesmerize them.

Careless redesigning

With time you may have to go with the trend and make certain ongoing changes to your website, which is done to further adjust with the changing customer needs. The job of redesigning must have some transformative purpose and should not be something mundane. You can tweak information, include latest techniques of presentation, and change your mission statement or simplifying interactions. It could be anything that you think can bring about the huge difference in conversion or engagement. You should not redesign just because you want to, or because you think it is the time to redesign.

Annoying forms

Long-winded and frustrating web forms put on webstore is one of the key reasons why users abandon the cart before serving the purpose. Forms, thought, are a bravest way of getting more subscriptions from prospect customers. For website to yield higher conversion, it is necessary to employ such forms that have concise, direct and simple. It should not take much of customers’ time. Forms can be well-crafted, smart and auto-corrective.

Inserting abundant texts

If believing in the power of pictures sounds like a much-used idea, then quit dreaming about a successful ecommerce entrepreneur. Stick to this basic notion: a picture does speak louder than words. So design your UX accordingly and don’t let the textual description dominate your website. Your audience is never going to read long sentences and verbal expression on the site. This kind of approach only stunts the growth of your business. Pictures can also be supported with video demonstration as rich media always enhances the understanding of customers.

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Originally published at rasinbekkevold.blogspot.nl on December 4, 2015.