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Because billions of dollars in valuation are at stake.

The weapons are words.

The stakes? Billions of dollars in valuation.

The combatants? Chorus.ai and Gong.io, two companies that have raised over $50M to build and dominate a category known as — well, that depends on how this plays out.

Both companies were founded in 2015. Both promised to make your sales team more successful through AI. Both do that by analyzing recordings of your sales calls to answer big questions: How can my worst reps be more like my best ones? Which of our messages are resonating? Why are we winning or losing deals?

Until recently, both companies described their offerings as part of a category called “conversation intelligence.” Here’s Gong’s website a couple of months…


Andy Raskin

Helping leaders tell strategic stories. Ex @skype @mashery @timeinc http://andyraskin.com

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