Role Of Quantum Speed Reading In Midbrain Activation

Quantum speed reading is the course that focuses on the utilization of the faculties and mental aptitude for effective reading and it plays essential role in Midbrain activation. Before understanding the contribution of Quantum Speed reading it is important to understand about midbrain activation.

What is midbrain activation?

Human beings have midbrain between left and right brain and act as bridging for opening the subconscious. . Activation of this midbrain can lead to balance between the left and right brain, better inside and outside communication. Left and right brain have the different functioning such as right brain interpret and process the information through Recognizing faces, expressing and reading emotions, music. Whereas the left brain is assigned for interpreting language , logical and critical thinking.

Midbrain is like bridge between left and right brain and it works according the work done by either side of brain. Activation of this bridging can lead to special benefits as this activation program not only sharp and enhance the memory and also provide great potential to develop both side brains.

Midbrain activation regulate the brain functioning and enhance the absorption capacity of memory. This training programme helps the child to enhance his self confidence and focus. It generate the emotional stability force with the remarkable state of learning. Children can sharp their creative skills, planning and imagination.

Role of Quantum Speed Reading (QSR)

QSR is the technique that sharpens the reading skills of children and even of adults. After its development in Japan, this technique has been using for reading the stuff even with the presence of mind without looking at pages.

QSR is the follow-up program after the midbrain activation in which children can learn the astonishing reading skills. Students are trained for reading without opening books and by just keeping the book in front of the reader’s face.

This course is basically to make children understand about reading, activating images, allowing the brain to take instantly recognizable pictures and keeping them in memory for longer time. So ultimately this astonishing training program is for the enhancement in the memory function, retention and overall working of brain.

QSR technique prepare the students to understand the reading process in better way and improve their memory that can keep the balance between function of left and right brain. In the program children are trained to read books by just shuffling the pages with thumbs like the shuffling of cards while playing. It is the revolutionary technique that not only adds to the reading skills but also activates the mid brain for better functioning.

Moreover, QSR is more than improving reading skills as it can also be used for enhancing the creativity like utilizing the skills for problem solving, memorizing things for the improvement and stress reduction and even it can train the students for having optimistic approach for work and life.

All the techniques of QSR are fully documented and tested on the variety of students and it has been proved that this technique contribute greatly for the activation of midbrain and overall enhancement in learning.