The British political system

Great britain is a democracy. The political party that wins the most seats at a General Election takes charge of the Government for five years, until the next General Election. The leader of the winning party is appointed as Prime Minister and chooses other party members to work in the Government with them. The british parliament consists of two chambers. The Parliament is an bicameral with an upper house , House of Lords and a lower house, House of Commons.The Government is responsible for deciding how the country is run and for managing things, day to day. They set taxes, choose what to spend public money on and decide how best to deliver public services such as police, health service and welfare benefits. The most famous british parties are Labour, the Conservative party and Liberal democrats. Theresa May is the new Conservative Party leader and second female prime minister in Great Britain.

The monarchy of the United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy. The current monarch and head of state is Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth lives in Burkingham Palace.