Holberton School

Hi, my name is Ramsus and I have always loved technology, since I was little I have tried to teach myself programming with varying success. When I was choosing my orientation for high school I just knew I wanted a technology based program (in Sweden we have high schools with different orientation such as economics and technology). Unfortunately, after High school, my passion for technology had faded mainly because of teachers with no knowledge of their subject, which made me choose Business administration for collage due to my shared interest in both tech and business. After just two days of theological nonsense I knew this was not for me and my passion for programming and tech lit up again, passions don’t fade forever, and started looking for more practical courses for software development. After extended google searches I came across some article on Quora which linked to the Hilberton School in San Francisco and it was a match made in heaven for me. With my shared interest in both business and tech makes San Francisco best area to be in and the Holberton School offer me a more practical way of learning instead of the traditional memorization learning. Furthermore, the school also have my best interest at hearth as they need the students to succeed in order for them to continue to thrive. I would like to become a software engineer to be able to solve the problems we are and are going to face with a world more dependent on technology and also to have a meaningful and stimulating work.

Best regards,

Rasmus Jacobsson