Digging Deeper, or inner childhood impact on leadership
Gregory Kinsman-Chauvet

HI Greg — I am your Feedback man this week — a task which is really enjoyable given the quality of your work. First, I like very much that you are very good at appreceiating and acknowledging your colleagues in a very specific way such as you do with Yoland who is - as we both know — an amazing and very skilled course participant. Also you text gave me inspiration for further reading and prompted me to read the text about system leaders.

I appreciate your openess about the importance of your farther and there is a clear and logical link from the text to your ITC in this respect. However, perhaps its is worth thinking about if you in reality have already moved a very long way from behaving like your father — The way you write and run your business seems to me almost opposite to your childhood experience with your father. However, even if a persons actual behaviour is very different from what this person learned from a parent, I think is is quite common to fear slipping back in unwanted behaviour — This is always a risk when our energy level is low.

As regard the ITC card I have mysefl interpreted the ‘hidden commitmnet column slightly differently but I am not sure what is the rigt approach. My understanding was that this columm should express actions and atittudes which help us keeping our fears at a distance — The sometimes unconsious behaviour that lower the risk to our self. How do you see that?

Have a nice Sunday and hopefull see you monday evening