The worst habit of them alll

Lets talk about the harsch truths

Once a liar always a liar as the saying goes. One lie leads to another one. This is an interesting topic and something that I had to bring a lot of thought to. There is a reason I am passionate about change and improvement. And this takes a lot of gut but I thought I was an entitled person. I thought I was just a little better than everyone else, I had the world on my shoulder. I did whatever I wanted and rarely paid the consequences of my bad decisions. I lied to get out of trouble, I lied to get out of the drama, I even lied to have sex. They say the average person lies 7 times per day and 6 out of them is often towards our loved ones and especially our family. I was one of them. Don't you think that is pretty shameful? I sure as hell don’t want to feel shame!

But don’t get me wrong, sure there are times when lying are okay. I am not here to judge anyone. Hell, I don’t care what you do. But I am talking about the “white lies”. For example, when your girlfriend comes out of the undressing room with an awful pair of jeans and go “do you think these jeans are nice?” And you can tell by the way smiles, she likes the damn jeans, so alright, you go with the flow. “They look just right” A white lie won’t hurt nobody, I mean as long as it stays a secret right?

But I did not write this article to talk about stupid shit.

I found myself in a huge life crisis a couple of years back! I made a big mistake, but with all honesty it wasnt a mistake. I cheated on my girlfriend. And let me tell you what I asked myself. I asked myself, am I really the guy who cheats and lies? Am i the guy who does things like this?

I was devastated.

At that moment, I was sitting outside. One of my favorite places. A bench overlooking my hometown. All alone with my thoughts. Right there, I made up my mind. I told myself, I am not of those guys. I value honesty! Because I don’t ever want to be in this situation again. And I value integrity! Because I want to look at myself in the mirror and be proud of who I am. Long after this happened I am sitting here, right now. And I really do value that experience, not only that, I am glad it happened.

And the thing about lies. Not only are they deceiving against the person you are talking to. But they end up hurting ourselves even more. Lies are often an extension of our own life. Lies are most often about what we don’t have, what we didn’t do, where we didn’t go, what we didn’t say etc… So basically we lie about stuff we wish was the truth. Think about it! Think about your last lie! Now, why did you lie? Please take your time to think about it. Do you wish that lie actually was the truth?

Essentially we are telling ourselves, we are not good enough. Repeatedly, every time we lie about stuff we didn’t do, we don’t have, didn’t go, didn’t do. Let me be the one breaking it to you, You are mistreating your soul! You are virtually abusing your mind. It is fundamental to get rid of this awful habit if you want to live a worthy life.

Because let me tell you what happens to liars.

If it doesn’t happen today, tomorrow, next month, next year. It will happen. They will have a major league… mental.. breakdown! And confronting a person like that is, trust me, it is dangerous. Because when lying becomes a habit, somewhere down the line you start believing yourself. And when another person catches up to those lies and confronts him with evidence. It will become a personal dilemma for him and an attack on his being. You have him pushed up in a corner. And it will only lead to either violence or as mentioned earlier a mental neurosis. A giant cloud of failure will appear from nowhere. Because the fictional character they built up inside their mind, is essentially gone. Imagine going to a christian family and throwing evidence of evoloution on their dining table. How do you think they will respond? I dont think they will respond very good.

I really appreciate you reading this. I put my heart and soul into this piece.

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Originally published at on October 21, 2017.