HR Strategy and Planning — Ethics and Outsourcing & CASE9

Human resource strategy and planning

Planning HR strategy is a critical part of HR process.It is very important that company’s all HR processes are created as part of overall strategy witch is designed to achieve organisations goals.

A key part of the HR planning role is the development of a workforce plan. This plan is a design for the organisation to attract, retain and develop the workforce required in order to the meet its present and future needs. Workforce planning is a set of procedures that an organisation can use to maintain the most efficient employee/management team possible, maximize profits and ensuring long-term success. Workforce planning falls into two broad categories: operational and strategic. (

  • Strategic planning links HR management directly to the strategic plan of your organization.
  • Operational planning puts organisations HR management practices in place to support management and staff in achieving their day-to-day goals. Whether it’s determining how many staff are needed to deliver services over the next year or how performance will be monitored, HR management practices and activities need to be planned to answer the question: “Where is our organisation going and how will it get there?”.

(Link to operational planning)

Ethics and Outsourcing

Outsourcing helps companies save considerably on costs and improve profitability. for example outsourcing clothing production has many advantages but it can also bring ethical issues to deal with. Case9 was about Syrian child refugees working illegally in Turkey for clothing factories. This case is a good example about ethical issues coming with outsourcing. Companies can not monitor that well their supply chain when it is outsourced.Case9 was an example case of an ethical issue due to outsourcing and end result was that retail companies mentioned in this case were involved in situations they would never intend to involve.


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