Learning and development aims to improve individual and group performance by teaching new skills and increasing knowledge. Learning and development is part of organisations talent management strategy and it aims to set on the right level in order for them to reach organisations visions and goals. In company perspective training is expensive but by increasing employees knowledge and skills company can turn costly training into profit. Employees also appreciate when employers train them instead of replacing old employees with new, more educated ones. Good training and development programs help you keep the right people and grow profit.

70:20:10 model in learning and development

70:20:10 model means that when working, employee adopts only 10% of the things learned through formal structured learning, like for example from training days and seminars. Next 20% of the learning comes other employees/employer through feedback or by imitating how others handle their work. Last 70% of the learning happens through experience gained by working and experimenting new things and taking new challenges at the job. 70:20:10 is based on science. Studies show that average person forgets about half what have been told in an hour unless they have opportunity to put that in practice in one hour. That is why taking workers out of their workplace for training is not very efficient. Teaching new skills should happen in practice at your own workplace so that person can really be intetified. Two major keys why many companies adopts 70:20:10 model in their training program are cost and timeliness. Personally I can relate to this model through my own experiences of learning in job. When I started my job at Kesko warehouse we had a short training period where our trainer showed everything we need to know. Before hand everything were explained at the classroom but I felt like the actual learning happened when getting hands dirty. After the training period when I started to work independently I realized that I still had a lot to learn in order to perform as well as possible. Now I know how to do my job and how to be efficient and save time while doing it thanks to my eager to perform better and other employees who told me a lots of handy tips and tricks.

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