I’d like to share this story about open source design, an absolute favorite topic of mine. It’s been an important one to me for ages. But it died out, only to be reenergized recently.

Many years ago, back in 2006, I helped lead the design team of TYPO3 which produced the logo, font and styleguide that has now been in use for over a decade.

We even created a full-featured free TYPO3 font called Share—drawn by Ralph du Carrois:

My desk at the Magnolia headquarters in Basel.

In late December 2015, I replaced my Macbook Pro with an iPad Pro to take on the role as primary workstation. These are my notes on how that went down. Since so many others have described — in detail — the annoyances that come with working fully on iOS, I’m going to focus on other more positive aspects. And honestly, if you think the big question is if the iPad Pro can replace the laptop or not, you’re in for a little treat. …


Lead product manager of Magnolia. Former product strategist and UX’er on the Neos team. Open design advocate.

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