Never Read The Comments
Sarah Adler

I think it´s sad that your whole train of thought builds up on the assumption that his comment was sexist. You could argue that his statement was ignorant or idiotic (I´d agree), but going straight to sexism from there is actually a little weak for someone who graduated in journalism.

It also sums up what´s wrong with that currently much loved debate. I have the same problem with your description of your encounter on the train. What about his comment is actually sexist? It may be superficial or spread stereotypes but don´t you realize that you have absolutely no hint that it goes beyond that? For instance, if a male model (with stereotypical looks of a male model) is coding and someone tells him “Damn, you don´t look like a coder”, is this discriminating as well? Maybe this idiot, as you refer to him, is just comparing the stereotypes in his head with their real world representations and then made the mistake of thinking that out aloud. He may never be your most sophisticated partner for conversations, but an idiot? A sexist idiot?

Maybe it is me. Maybe it is because as a male in my life I rarely was confronted with sexism towards me. Maybe it is due to the fact that I learned gender equality from early on in my life and never questioned it as a fact, but I really don´t get where this debate is going…